"Considering the difficulty of the role, true lyric soprano Valeria Altaver, really distinguished herself as Fredegonde."


Jacques Bonnaure - Opera International




The baryton Philippe Brocard and the soprano Valeria Altaver are perfect as count and countess. The "English duet", rarely sung in this opera, is coloured with subtility and humor.


Dominique Guesquière - Operette Magazine






"Valeria Altaver's Elvira is sensitive, touching, and very convicing"







Valeria Altaver is a wonder as Fredegonde. She is witty in the first act, moving in the second with her "Lamentations", and explosive in the third with her difficult aria. From beginning to end, we are enchanted by her skillful acting, her energy on stage and delightful lyrical soprano voice.


Dominique Ghesquière - Operette Magazine





The soprano Valeria Altaver shows great fragility and expressiveness, as she should, becoming more extraverted as the action unfolds.


Compte-rendu : "Libre-Échange" (lecture dans le cadre des Découvertes Diva) Catherine Galitzine






Valeria Altaver and Philippe Brocard, both talented singers and actors from Paris, were a great addition to the Opera Studio of Angers and its impressive production of Hervé's Chilperic. They have a great sense of stage and dance with ease. Their comedic gifts are undeniable! The jury and the public were unanimous in awarding two first prizes.


Article dans l'ANAO - Operette magasine





" of the nieces, Valeria Altaver really stood out with her clear and well directed voice"


Philippe Thanh - La lettre du musicien sur Le Colin Maillard d'Aristide Hignard










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